What We Do

Unicor has been revolutionizing lighting for over years. We pioneered the world changing development of electric light and LED, and are now leading the way in intelligent lighting systems. Our deep understanding of how lighting positively affects people, enables us to deliver innovations that unlock new business value to our customers. We offer rich lighting experiences that make people feel safe, comfortable, focused, energized and entertained

As Unicor Lighting, we are leading the ongoing development of connected lighting systems and services. By leveraging the Internet of Things, we are transforming buildings, urban places and homes. To increase energy efficiency, and manage working environments in a more environmentally friendly way. To make cities safer and more responsive. To help our healing and improve our well-being. And to create experiences at home like never before.

Thats how we are taking light beyond illumination, and help improve the way the world works and people live.

Our Products

unicor led
Unicor Recessed Light
Metallic Round Recessed
unicor COB led
Unicor COB Light
Spot Light (Warm White)
Unicor Tube Light
Unicor Tube Light
Warm/Cool/Natural Tubes
unicor wall led
Unicor Wall Light
Two Way Wall light
unicor wall led
Unicor Hanging Light
Cieling Lamp HomeShake
unicor wall led
Unicor Deco Poles
Decorative Garden Poles
unicor wall led
Unicor Chandelier
Beautyfull Gold Chandelier
unicor wall led
Unicor Gate Light
Outdoor Light Metallic

Architectural lighting Design

Architectural lighting design is a field within architecture, interior design and electrical engineering that is concerned with the design of lighting systems, including natural light, electric light, or both, to serve human needs.

Led Bulbs

Consuming up to 90% less energy while offering a supremely bright light, it's easy to see why so many people are opting for LED bulbs over regular options.We have an extensive range of LED bulbs at LightBulbs,A brilliant selection from top manufacturers.

LED Strip Lights

We have the largest selection of UL Listed LED Strip Lights for all your indoor and outdoor waterproof linear lighting needs.Ideal lighting applications include, signage,interior and exterior lighting,back lighting,accent,lighting,landscape,bar and club.

Who We Are

Unicor is professionally managed and run by an experienced and driven management team. It has a highly qualified technical team that provides comprehensive lighting solutions including requirement assessment,lighting designs and energy and payback calculations.

Its dedicated and expanding sales team has deployed industry best practices to develop strong relationships with trade and large institutions.

The extended Unicor team of distributors and dealers across the country ensure excellent service support and timely delivery as per the needs of the customers.

LED Efficiency Saves Money

Energy Saved is money earned for the consumer in the form of reduced electric bills. ROI for the consumer begains from the moment they switch on the LED product.

Traditional Bulb Replacement

LEDS are available in a wide varity of standard products engineered for direct replacement and retrofit. As easy to install as traditional bulbs that LED replaces.              

LEDS Ultra Long-Life

LED Lifetimes are typically rated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours which depending on the application and usage can last up to 20 years.CO2 reduction efforts are carried out nationwide level.                    

LEDs are Safe, cool to the touch

Rugged, unbreakable all-water/water resistant solid state components. LEDs produce no UV and no IR and operate cool to the touch thus reduces AC cooling and handling costs.

LED Lighting Quality

The Flexibility of LED light in application, utility, and available color temperatures and full spectrum light enables the broadest range of applications and commercial markets.

Clean and Modern

Governments globally are banning the incandescent bulbs and most bans are taking effect now and over the next two years. Governments support LED lighting as an alternative to high energy consumption.


  • We are very pleased with the performance and savings provided by our new lighting system.

    Our motto is save your Electricity Bill
    Bring Light to Home By joing us
  • It is nice that the guys on the floor donít have to come to work in a dungeon. Even without windows in our facility, Orionís lights make it bright and lively.

    Our motto is save your Electricity Bill
    Bring Light to Home By joing us
  • We are very pleased with our new retrofit lighting from Innovative Facilities. The installation was completed very professionally and without any interruption to our production. Not only is the facility brighter, but it has created a safer and more pleasant work environment. We have seen a 13% reduction in energy consumption in the first two months.

    Our motto is save your Electricity Bill
    Bring Light to Home By joing us
  • This project was so big, saved so much money, that they already had the project paid back in energy savings in 5 months! They are very impressed with how fast the payback has been.

    Our motto is save your Electricity Bill
    Bring Light to Home By joing us